The Big Swing Labor Day Weekend Tournament

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Stop.Watch.Sports. has partnered with the EVP Tour presented by Sparkling Ice, Kings Hawaiian, Height Goddess, Hampton Parks & Recreation and Sports Hampton to bring you the 2012 Big Swing Labor Day Beach Volleyball Tournament at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, VA. On Saturday September 1st we will host men's and woman's doubles. Sunday, September 2nd, we will host Coed Doubles and Juniors Doubles divisions. Monday, September 3rd, we will host a King and Queen of the Beach Event.

Total Purse for the Pro Divisions on Saturday will be $2000: $600 for 1st, $400 for Second. All other divisions will offer prizes and Merchandise from the EVP Tour, Brine Volleyball, Sparkling Ice, Kings Hawaiian and Stop.Watch.Sports. Coed AAA on Sunday will be like normal with a 100% cash payout.

Please scroll down to Register online. If you would like to register by e-mail, please e-mail (Any juniors team (Juniors being any team that can not accept a prize because of high school or NCAA eligibility requirements) that would like to register to play in an adult division on Saturday or Sunday , please e-mail the above address and we will still honor the juniors price, but you have to do it through e-mail)

For directions to the beach and more info on Buckroe Beach, please Click Here

Parking: It is easiest to park in the main Buckroe Beach Parking Lot. If you are looking at the Bay, park as far to the left of the lot as possible. Then when you walk towards the beach, the event will be on the beach. Look for the volleyball nets, giant inflatable volleyball and registration will be under the Blue EVP Tour tent.

Tournament Format

Big Swing Beach Volleyball Tournament

Check in and day of registration is will be between 8:00-8:30pm. Those who pre-register and pay in advance, you are able to text message your check in. You need to include your name, partners name, and division. We will send you a response letting you know you are checked in. YOU MUST BE THERE FOR THE CAPTAINS MEETING AT 8:45am! If you are not there when play begins you will loose your eligibility to check in by text for the entire season and possibly more.

All AA and lower doubles divisions will play pool play and all matches of pool play will be best 2 out of 3 matches, with the first two games to 21 and if necessary the third game will be to 15. Minimum of top 2 teams from each pool will advance to the playoffs if there is more than one pool in a division.

If there is only one pool in a division, if a team go undefeated in set play (not match play) they will be declared the winner. If any team does not go undefeated in set play, then the top two teams will have a one match playoff to determine the tournament winner.

For Pro Divisions, if there are 12 teams or less, they will play pool play followed by playoffs. If there are 16 or more teams, there tournament will be a double elimination tournament. (if there are 13-16 teams, it will be either pool play or double elim, it will depend on space available and tournament directors decision) All matches in the winners bracket will be matches (2 out of 3 to 21, 3rd to 15 if necessary). Contender bracket matches will be up to the tournament directors discretion and will either be matches ( 2 out of 3 to 18, 3rd to 15 if necessary) or 1 game to 25.

For all other divisions, you will play pool play with top teams from each pool advancing to single elimination brackets. All matches will be best two out of 3 to 21, 3rd game if necessary will be to 15. Only changes to this format will be due to advancing weather or darkness.

Woman who want to play in a men's division? That is fine by us. Want to play coed, but only can play on Saturday? Just sign up for a men's division. Just realize that there is not courtesy rules at all when you play men's. Men, sorry, you can't play in the woman's division unless you are under age 14, then you are allowed to here, as it is the same height net. We are all about including people to play and giving them a chance to play, not turn them away for some weird rule.

Weather Policy: If we are allowed on the beach, we will play. We let the lifeguard decide if the beach is open. If inclement weather moves in during the day, we will make the call as to refunds depending upon the time of day and how far along the tournament has progressed. Each decision will be made on a division basis.

Have Questions about format or the tournament, feel free to contact us at 757-773-4FUN(4386) or by e-mail


Tournament Registration

Big Swing Labor Day Weekend Event

For Men's and Woman's Pro Divisions Registration: Please Click Here

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Please Enter Partner's Name

Posted on August 28,, 2012